Uniformly Speaking


The La Vie Rebecca Taylor line is based on my own personal style, and truth be told, I’m a bit of a tomboy.  And in my own day-to-day dressing, I find myself reaching for tried-and-true favorites, and have developed my own personal uniform, which I’ve realized is also influenced by uniforms of past and present.  In the tradition of the classic French Breton stripe –  reminiscent of Jean Seberg, Pablo Picasso, Edie Sedgwick — with this jersey top, I’ve added a few soft pleats on the shoulder for added comfort.



This military-style jacket is a version I see on Brooklyn moms on Fall and Spring mornings as we are dropping our kids off at school. The fleece lining makes it extra cozy and there are plenty of pockets for carrying who knows what all.  It’s got some extra stretch suitable for our modern lifestyles and a defined waist to avoid potential frumpiness.



I once found a classic French mariner sweater in a thrift store and though I loved the design, I didn’t wear it much as it was unbearably itchy.  I’ve made sure this pullover was made of the softest cotton I could find, and love to layer with a linen and lace top.



Jumpsuits are becoming a staple in my collections, and in my wardrobe — I find they effortlessly add a ‘cool-girl’ attitude.  To avoid looking too masculine, I like to layer with a feminine top or wear with a sexy pair of heels.  xxRT


La Vie Rebecca Taylor