The Hair Force


Good hair can make or break a shoot so we love to work with the best ones available: one of our favorites is Rolando Beauchamp who created the hair for the Spring 2014 Campaign. For the “Urban Canvas” campaign I imagined a girl around town, effortlessly cool, expensive taste, but “effortless” hair for a shoot can be a difficult look to create! Here is how Rolando did it:

Manon has wavy / curly hair, he blew her hair out using the Bumble and Bumble Styling lotion and a Mason Pearson Brush, created a messy center part, used the Oribe Dry Texturing Spray and created texture with my fingers here and there and tucking some hair behind the ears, pulling some out. At the very end, Bumble and Bumble “Does it All” spray. Very important, once the texture is achieved do not brush it again, you will lose everything you just created! Cool girl/effortless style tip: If you’re putting on a coat, don’t pull out your hair — hair tucked inside clothing is a great look!

See the Urban Canvas Campaign

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