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Sparkle on the Way

I’ve always been a hands-on designer and the more I get my hands on something, the more likely a garment with sparkles will be the final result … I love the technique and craftsmanship behind embellishment and am always inspired working with Vien, our embroidery designer.  Not a detail goes unnoticed in these upcoming collections:  a bodice shines in our Black Tie collection, sparkles are added to a print and chainmail to a tee from Fall 2013.

Fall / Winter 2013


the sequin print dress
the fountain dress, tallulah
with print designer Sofia
the glitter print peplum top

More is More

Name:  Vien Le Wood, embroidery designer at Rebecca Taylor

From:  London

Favorite piece from this season:  Sequin print dress

Most unusual embellishment used:  at university, I embellished pieces of toast with seeds and beads for a country rustic themed project that i laid out in a lunch box.  I also knitted swatches out of grass

Longest time spent on an item:  Six months embellishing a fountain dress, inspired by the quarry moss gardens at Belsay Hall.  I created an encrusted organic fountain dress where water trickled from the neck, eroding and rusting the materials.  Over time, algae formed so it related back to the garden.

Listening to:  At the moment I’m really loving grave wave:  lo-fi goth-electronica music that’s a bit dark, but dancey!

Grimes:  Oblivion

John Talabot:  Destiny

Zola Jesus:  Hikikomori

Now available:
Glitter Print Top

Sequin Print Dress


A Stitch in Time

These lovelies are completely embroidered. Mind blowing!

Embroidery portraits by Daniel Kornrumphf.