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With Glittering Eyes: Paris and London

I recently took an inspirational trip to Paris and fell in love with the beauty of the city all over again:  The Musee d’Orsay takes my breath away, there are always exciting new artists to discover in museums (this time I learned of Armand Berton and Francois Petrovich) and found myself always looking up with wonder:  the blue ceiling with gold stars at St. Germain Des Pres, and the beautiful ship chandelier at my favorite shop in Paris, Astier de Villate.  Everytime I go to Paris I find something new, and this time it was this lovely candy store, Meert. 

London always provides a creative spark and this time I went with a purpose … to see the David Bowie Exhibition at the V & A Museum, which raised the bar on museum exhibitions and literally left me breathless, I thought I would faint… the man is a genius! I also managed to shop, of course, and visited one of my favorite stores, Dover Street Market.