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The Taylors.  The Seventies.  New Zealand.

The Taylors.  The Seventies.  New Zealand.


Fall 2012 Campaign Shoot

Fall 2012 Campaign Shoot

June 6, 2012 - Brooklyn, New York

ph:  Boo George

stylist:  Kate Sebbah

hair: Rolando Beauchamp

makeup:  Sil Bruinsma

casting:  Piergiorgio Del Moro

model:  Alana Zimmer

tunes: Arcade Fire, Pixies, The Black Keys


a Sneak-peek with the Super8

VIP access: sneak-peek, behind-the-scenes footage at the Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Show, through the lens of a super8…enjoy!


Day of Show


The Night Before


Spring 12 shoot. Behind the Scenes

Photographer:  Beau Grealy

Stylist:  Kate Sebbah

Hair:  Dai Michisita

Makeup:  Sil Bruinsma

Model:  Codie Young


Rebecca and Kate sorting out the looks.
Codie is the star of our Spring shoot.
Joey keeping track of what is being worn
Rebecca deciding on Suzie's outfit.
Lydia in a fall sweater on the balcony.
Creative meeting at sunset.

The Buildup