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Something Special

Vale Jewelry and Rebecca Taylor have collaborated on some unique jewelry pieces, available in stores and on  Thoughts from Vale jewelry designers Eva and Ava Bai, above:

About Accessorizing: 

It should be fun and easy.  We are strong believers in not letting your jewelry “wear you” but love when our jewelry become “personal pieces” - jewelry that our clients hardly ever take off, that they almost consider a part of themselves.


Travel:  we travel often, and extensively.   New York, artists, Kate Moss, Lauren Hutton and the modern woman we design for:  a woman who enjoys classic as well as edgier styles, but ultimately has fun with fashion.

Rebecca Taylor Accessories

Vale Jewelry


the sequin print dress
the fountain dress, tallulah
with print designer Sofia
the glitter print peplum top

More is More

Name:  Vien Le Wood, embroidery designer at Rebecca Taylor

From:  London

Favorite piece from this season:  Sequin print dress

Most unusual embellishment used:  at university, I embellished pieces of toast with seeds and beads for a country rustic themed project that i laid out in a lunch box.  I also knitted swatches out of grass

Longest time spent on an item:  Six months embellishing a fountain dress, inspired by the quarry moss gardens at Belsay Hall.  I created an encrusted organic fountain dress where water trickled from the neck, eroding and rusting the materials.  Over time, algae formed so it related back to the garden.

Listening to:  At the moment I’m really loving grave wave:  lo-fi goth-electronica music that’s a bit dark, but dancey!

Grimes:  Oblivion

John Talabot:  Destiny

Zola Jesus:  Hikikomori

Now available:
Glitter Print Top

Sequin Print Dress


Day of Show


The Night Before


Spring 12 shoot. Behind the Scenes

Photographer:  Beau Grealy

Stylist:  Kate Sebbah

Hair:  Dai Michisita

Makeup:  Sil Bruinsma

Model:  Codie Young


Rebecca and Kate sorting out the looks.
Codie is the star of our Spring shoot.
Joey keeping track of what is being worn
Rebecca deciding on Suzie's outfit.
Lydia in a fall sweater on the balcony.
Creative meeting at sunset.

The Buildup


Seeing spots

My kids would have loved this installation by artist Yayoi Kusama at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.  Kusama created a blank white space and gave visiting children stickers to do what they wish…


For a New Years message, our creative team had some crafty and colorful fun with confetti:

Literally punching out the confetti and placing it around to form the letters —- you never realize how big your fingers are or how powerful your breath is until you work with confetti like this!


“I can taste the ocean on your skin
That is where it all began”

Lovely lyrics from the new song by REM, with a sweet video of Kirsten Dunst, simple as can be —- girl, dress, black, white —- but beguiling nonetheless.  I’m so honored Kirsten is wearing my dress in the video and so looking forward to seeing her in Melancholia —- my husband saw it and said it was fantastic.



The Creative Process


We love shoes. We honestly love shoes.

Samples from the Fall 2012 footwear collection arrived in the Rebecca Taylor offices this week.