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Waverly Inn

Already can’t wait to go back to the Waverly Inn, but I told my husband it’s for special occasions… Wonderful atmosphere, food and worth all the hype…xxR


All That Glitters


Seeing spots

My kids would have loved this installation by artist Yayoi Kusama at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.  Kusama created a blank white space and gave visiting children stickers to do what they wish…


For a New Years message, our creative team had some crafty and colorful fun with confetti:

Literally punching out the confetti and placing it around to form the letters —- you never realize how big your fingers are or how powerful your breath is until you work with confetti like this!


ChaCha Club

Please remind me to go to ChaCha Club the next time I’m in Paris.  Fun name.  Cute place.  Chic and comfy.  Guitars on the wall. 

ChaCha Club


The Fall ‘11 Campaign Shoot