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Something Special

Vale Jewelry and Rebecca Taylor have collaborated on some unique jewelry pieces, available in stores and on  Thoughts from Vale jewelry designers Eva and Ava Bai, above:

About Accessorizing: 

It should be fun and easy.  We are strong believers in not letting your jewelry “wear you” but love when our jewelry become “personal pieces” - jewelry that our clients hardly ever take off, that they almost consider a part of themselves.


Travel:  we travel often, and extensively.   New York, artists, Kate Moss, Lauren Hutton and the modern woman we design for:  a woman who enjoys classic as well as edgier styles, but ultimately has fun with fashion.

Rebecca Taylor Accessories

Vale Jewelry


Great Expectations

Over the holidays I saw Melancholia, “a beautiful movie about the end of the world”, as it’s marketed.  It is truly beautiful, with lovely styling, cinematography, effects and an incredible musical score.  Starring Kirsten Dunst.  I found it to be ultimately about expectations.

Designers putting out collection after collection always feel the challenge of expectations —- customers and editors anticipate something new.   The hidden gem you discover on your own is more memorable than the hotspot everyone insists you simply must go to.

One of my favorite scenes of the movie is in the beginning, when the bride and groom are in a stretch limo going to the wedding.  The limo isn’t able to maneuver around a tricky curve in the road, and the driver is going forward, backward, turning the wheel this way and that, but going nowhere.  The groom tries to help and gets behind the wheel, with the bride giving directions.  Doesn’t work.  The bride gets behind the wheel, giving it a go.  Still doesn’t work.  What makes the scene so nice is how they handle the situation—- with positivity and grace —- ultimately walking to the wedding heels in hand, laughing, late.  Lovely.