I enjoyed a day at the New York City Ballet this past week and it’s still on my mind…. it was a transportive experience, particularly the beautiful ballet Serenade, which was the choreographer George Balanchine’s first ballet in America.  I love the harmonious camaraderie of the dancers, the charming imperfections that are worked into the choreography such as when the Waltz Girl falls down and the other dancers offer support, and the ultimate feeling of triumph at the end—- so beautifully, classically Balanchine.


I was filled with memories of my early runway shows, which often featured ballet influences .. shows held in ballet studios, shows featuring long chiffon dresses, shows bathed in blue light … shows which were a true test of strength and grace under pressure, because as we know the show must go on….

George Ballanchine's Serenade
George Balanchine’s Serenade

New York City Ballet: Serenade