Mum Knows Best


One of the most challenging (and rewarding) parts of my life is being a mother, and the challenges are made all the more easy to face with the wisdom that I’ve gleaned from my own mum.  She is a strong woman who has taught me to never give up, be resourceful, and that with determination you can find a way to just do anything.  I’ve enjoyed hearing from other friends about what they have learned from their mothers — I’ve heard “everything” to simply living gracefully and leading by example, to specific instances that are recalled.  Our #WhatILearnedFromMyMum feature is on Instagram and I hope you will share your story.

My children were so pleased to participate in the filming of the video – they make a cameo appearance doing what they could do all day—- running around the house with our dog, Chewy, following.  Here they are rehearsing:


Rebecca Taylor Shorts:  Mum Knows Best