Love Happens


I’m on Shelter Island this week on holiday and loving relaxing and catching up with magazines. I am enjoying Glamour magazine’s July issue with an overall theme about dating, though I am a bit disheartened to read that 73% of single women don’t know if the last date they went on was actually a “date” and 88% of women in relationships don’t have a regularly scheduled date night. (Come on, ladies!) Editor Cindy Lieve makes an excellent point that even not-wonderful dates expand your horizons, and even established relationships need romantic time set aside to enjoy each other… this means scheduled time that you change your clothes for, add a little lippy and put away the phone and the kids! Nowadays my dates look more like the scene above, though I do enjoy a night out at a new or favorite restaurant, enjoying a new or favorite cocktail. I love the ‘us’ time with my husband.