About Alice Lane


We adore talented people with a touch of eccentricity and a fun personality —- makeup artist Alice Lanewho we worked with on the Fall Lookbook shoot with model Marique Schimmel, has both in spades.  Here is a Q&A with the cutie:

What is your overall beauty philosophy?
I adore NATURAL beauty. When I say natural I mean when an individual or thing created by an individual is original. I don’t ever look for a perfect ten. I look for what’s going on inside. Who they are.


When did you first become interested in makeup?
When I was bored working in a clothing store in NY. I was 24 and wanted to do something with myself. I wanted to be creative.

What direction / inspiration did Rebecca and stylist Kate Sebbah give you about the Fall / Winter shoot with Marique?

They are both women with a wonderful sense of self and style. They asked for fresh and raw skin with smudgy chic, tough little eyes. I was inspired by Kate’s very British ways and Rebecca’s spark!


Any special tips or techniques used to create this makeup?
Use chocolate brown eye pencil instead of black. Smudge it with lip balm. It’s laid back. But the brown gives it elegance not grunge.

What products would you recommend?  
I use Kat Burki rganic skincare. It’s the cat’s meow.   I love organic stuff. I do not want stinky old chemicals on my face.

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