Behind The Scenes: A Coat of Creativity


As a teenager in New Zealand, I desperately wanted a pair of red patent leather pumps, but they were impossible to find on such a remote island.  So, I improvised- and added coats of red glossy nail polish to a pair of black pumps I had, and proudly wore my new creations out on the town (bringing along the bottle for touch-ups).

Ever since, adorning the shoes with artwork has become a tradition – in one of my earlier shows, my mother and father even pitched in and painted.  For Fall 2016, I asked a member of our print and embellisment team, Renea, to have a go at making these booties more magical —-

photo by Virginia Carey

Renea has art and creativity in her soul and embraced the project with passion — she printed the flower shapes and transferred them onto the shoe, using a tonal color so it wouldn’t ruin the shoe, and so she was essentially freehand-drawing the beautiful flower shapes and doing so within two color stories —- one emerald jewel tone, and one vibrant orange.  She said getting the color right was the most difficult part, as it had to balance with the tones of the clothes and be noticeable, but not overbearing.  (She said bright lights, a steely focus, and smooth tunes playing in the background helped.)



The set designer of the lookbook shoot, Kadu, is a natural artist as well— our creative team wanted pink marble for the floor of the set, but budget and logistics prevented the use of pink marble.  So, we sent Kadu swatches of the collection, he created pink “marble” out of paint and wood, and suggested neutral grey backdrop colors harmonious with the collection.  The end result is the magical effect I was looking for.

I hope you enjoy the Fall 2016 Lookbook shoot —  a team effort of many creative people working behind the scenes, in many ingenious ways.  xx RT